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Fire Testing

The FPA hold a range of equipment to simulate the structure and performance of fire

We have a wide range of test environments

We currently have a range of testing facilities, including a large outdoor location which contains two full size 8414 rigs, and an indoor based laboratory with many types of testing stations.

In addition, we also have a mobile laboratory consisting of sensors, measurement and data logging equipment, allowing us to conduct testing at client sites.

We also have viewing and hospitality facilities on-site.

Our testing facilities include:

  • Burn hall – a large volume, still air test hall
  • Adjustable height fire hardened ceilings
  • Two full scale BS8414 testing rigs
  • One half size BS8414 testing rig ideal to test variations on the standard test at a reduced cost
  • ISO containers
  • Fire hardened rooms in a number of sizes which can be built to a specific size Climate controlled conditioning chamber

Our capabilities include:

  • Test design, project management, build and environmentally friendly disposal
  • The testing and handling of gas, liquids and solids including toxic materials
  • Temperature and heat flux measurement
  • Calorimetry
  • Gas and chemical species measurement
  • Gas velocity and liquid flow measurement
  • Pressure and stress measurement
  • Deformation measurement and weighing platforms
  • Data collection and analysis


In order to evidence the fire performance of cladding materials and be sure they meet required standards, we have two BS8414 testing rigs for Part 1 and Part 2.

We also have one half rig that can be used for more bespoke elements surrounding a cladding test, for example through the addition of a window or other opening, to more closely replicate real situations.

Photo of fire testing facilities in use at Resilient Building Solutions