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Research & Development

Tragic events remind us of the urgent need to address the causes rather than dealing with the symptoms of fire safety.

Understanding fire in the built environment

Resilient Building Solutions offers a new way to achieve more robust methods to assess the fire performance of building products and complete systems.
This need will feature more strongly as specifiers, contractors and building owners require the security of an independently tested system. We provide a truly collaborative approach providing confidential, secure space and industry experts to work with you supporting your research and development objectives.
We believe in a ‘fabric-first’ approach to fire prevention and, where possible, in testing at a system level rather than just individual components. In addition, we will provide independent industry guidance around robust building detailing to assist specifiers, contractors and regulators.
It is important to us that we enter long-term relationships with companies and organisations who share our values and wish to assess the real fire performance outside of the rigid testing procedures, considering the long-term life of buildings and their resilience to fire.